When I was a young man, I wondered what life could be like some years later. Then, when I got a bit older, I wondered what life would be like somewhat younger.

Now that I am in my later stages of life, I wonder what life will be like couple of hundred years from today. What will the face of medicine look like? With nearly half a century of my life devoted to studying medicine, I do have a vision of my children’s future, and their children. Surgery will always be indicated as a last resort to repair gross anatomical damage, no doubt. But, its applicability will be far more limited than today’s needs. Drugs will always be needed, but the need will diminish markedly, e.g. chemotherapy will be a historical oddity, like powerful electroshock therapy has been outdated for treating mental disorders like schizophrenia. The new medicine will be “kinder and more gentle,” natural and more effective than anything we have today. Patients will not have to fight for their lives, suffering through therapies as we do today. So, what do I see developing in our laboratories that will increase longevity and enable a more comforting existence? I see the future of medicine through the eyes of a physicist pointing to magnetic resonance therapy; in conjunction with stem cell usage to restore lost parts- like critical components of our brains, bones, and other vital tissues. Now, you may ask, “Is this conjecture a dream, or simply wish fulfillment?” The answer is no, and I’ll tell you why.

During the early seventies, when Damadian, Hazelwood, Yamanashi, and others were creating MRI, the scientific community hardly believed that imaging could be produced by magnetic fields. In the eighties, few scientists believed that biological effects could be produced by non-ionizing magnetic fields of very low frequency. Non-ionizing radiation does not break up atoms like ionizing radiation does now used to treat cancer. They believed that only strong, high frequency electromagnetic fields could produce heating of tissues, and they were convinced that nothing could happen to a living system unless it was heated. In other words, from a historical perspective, even the authority figures believed, “Stronger is better.” But, we know better today. MRI is a big business, and subtle, natural methods are on the rise for wellness.

I have been working with the concept of extremely weak, natural, physiologic magnetic fields for 36 years, and I see a major turn-around in many scientists. Stem cell research has added the magnetic field component to enable the cells to stay alive and thrive. The FDA has cleared many medical devices that use electromagnetic fields for therapeutic purposes, and the number and quality of the devices is increasing. Yes, when I look at a human being, I see macroscopic components-the brain, heart, liver, pancreas and so on; but I also see the cells that comprise the organs, and the molecules that comprise the cells. Looking still deeper into the makeup of a person, I see atoms- permanent spinning magnets that must talk to one another so as to work together as a global unit. These trillions and trillions of atoms are made up of smaller electromagnets- protons and electrons, maintaining their places in a universe of biological matter. All the components of our bodies talk to one another via long-range forces, i.e. electromagnetic forces, carried by photons (quanta) or packets of energy. Simply stated, the electromagnetic force is what holds everything together, including abstruse forces, like the strong nuclear force that holds protons together; or gravity that keeps our feet on the ground. All of these forces of nature are related, and as Einstein noted, there must be a grand unified theory that connects everything in the universe, and our bodily universes are a part of it all.

I have faith that unification of all things, and the understanding gleaned from that essential perception will no doubt lead to longer, happier, and a more peaceful existence. As the Mets pitcher Tug McGraw said about 45 years ago: “Ya gotta believe.”

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