Do you really want to live longer, and feel better? If the question is answered affirmatively, then consider the following…seriously. There are two distinctive sources of disease. The first is intrinsic to your body, involving genetic predisposition and the global makeup of the internal environment; also including past traumas, scar tissue, previous exposures to foreign disease causing agents like microorganisms, chemical exposures and exposures to abnormal electromagnetic forces, e.g computers, cell phones, electric blankets, power lines, radar installations… In simple terms, from this point on, you have to accept the negative changes within your body that have already occurred. Then, there are the external or extrinsic influences many of which had already been cited that you were exposed to and have produced less than optimal conditions. But, let’s add to the list, because you know what environmental influences can do to you…exposure to deleterious foods, chemicals, viruses/bacteria/fungi, overextended physical trauma, non-physiologic electromagnetic fields, excesses of heat and cold…the list is endless. But you know what hurts you, don’t you?

Now, regardless of what you have already experienced that affected your internal organs, cells and genes; and regardless of all the things in your world that are environmentally challenging, there is still the one major cause of illness to consider, something Americans have just about taken for granted- STRESS. There is no more insidious or more powerful negative factor in our lives that causes illness- any and all illness. When we permit stress to become an almost an acceptable facet of our daily lives, we invite disease and injury, and we consequentially cut our lives short while guaranteeing the elements of pain and suffering. There is nothing else that amplifies our intrinsic weakness more than stress. Stress is not only an occasional panic attack, when you are taxed so emotionally that you just cant see the forest from the trees. Stress lives in your every breath, your every heartbeat, your every thought, and your every response to life’s challenges- big and small. Remember that mind/body connection?

Every thought and recollection sends messages to our bodies, to affect the tonicity of the autonomic nervous system that controls the functioning of our organs: the heart, liver, pancreas, stomach and so on. When a thought involves fear, distress, and or guilt, the adrenal glands are stimulated to produce the stress hormone, cortisol. The sympathetic branch of the autonomic nervous system, (ANS) speeds the heart, increases blood pressure, inhibits digestion and kidney function, while telling the liver to pump more sugar into the blood; to then stimulate the pancreas for production of more insulin. Over time, cell surface receptors don’t react to insulin the way they’re supposed to, and the sugar doesn’t enter the cells properly as your blood sugar level rises. Your heart is then overtaxed and the pressure in your body can kill you via stroke or heart attack, the leading causes of death. Also, prolonged stress can bring on such illnesses such as cancer and neurological diseases.. etc.

My friends, the answer is fairly simple- to living longer, happier and healthier. we need to control autonomic nervous system modulation, to enhance parasympathetic innervation. You may recall that parasympathetic stimulation provides decreased heart rate and better regulation of rhythm, better quality and quantity of sleep, decreased pain levels from existing conditions, improved digestion and intestinal motility, improved immunity to disease, improved kidney function, decreased anxiety and worry, and consequentially, more energy to function, and amelioration of heat energy needs, thus aiding longevity.

The rolling generalization is applicably to most people, in my opinion. Life is a continuing stream of ups and downs. When the downs are exaggerated, as though bad times must last forever, then the stress response produces all the negatives possible: worry, tension, anxiety, stress, guilt, fear, and strain, leading to disease. Hope, wonder, curiosity, spirituality, and appreciation of an easily taken breath, and the beauty surrounding all of us, is diminished, or goes completely unnoticed. Life is the singular gift we are given for a relatively short time, and to take life for granted, by dwelling in fear, not only diminishes the gift but it is left unprotected.

When something occurs that is unwanted and fear filled, the rational person takes a few deep breathes, realizes that he or she is still alive (whatever it is that provoked the fear is temporary and transient), and he or she should just take a walk. Look at the changing cloud formations in the sky, watch the ocean waves roll in to break near the shore as they gently touch the Earth, or look at the majesty of the night sky dotted with starlight from an infinite expanse of nature. Ultimately, faith in God, nature, and yourself, as well as others, can and will assuage the fear and guilt. Knee jerk emotional reactions, more often than not, are often unnecessary and illogical. and, when real tragedy strikes, like the death of a loved one, or the diagnosis of an incurable disease, the logical recourse is to appreciate the gift of your own life first, and then realize that the universe is perfectly ordered by a Divine Hand, whereas the consciousness of life is not temporary, but eternal, for all those we love. Yes, the ultimate source of inner peace is God, and the ultimate expression of human fear is atheism.

Yet, there are numerous methods to relax, to de-stress in life. It has been shown that our bodies possess naturally occurring, very weak magnetic forces. These forces maintain the integrity of structure and function at all levels in our bodies- especially at the atomic level, from which everything is derived. We are made up of trillions of atoms, all of which are tiny magnets. And, these atoms are incessantly communicating with one another to maintain homeostasis. Science has demonstrated that these weak magnetic profiles are in the PicoTesla range. They are millions of times weaker than your cell phone, your computer, and even the planets natural magnetic field. Since atoms are so small- more than one hundred million atoms can line up to produce an inch. Then it is quite logical to suppose a very weak magnetic field can speak to an atom.

Recently, Magnetic Resonance Therapy (MRT) has been shown to modulate autonomic nervous system tonicity, to enhance parasympathetic innervation. Quite extensive research at the Heart Rhythm Institute of the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center has shown a profound parasympathetic effect on the heart from PicoTesla magnetic fields.

Therefore, when you need help to enhance feelings of relaxation, to de-stress and calm your fears,try MRT…. a non-invasive, safe, holistic approach is available for your benefit; to improve your quality of life and level of wellness, and to better tolerate the negatives you hope to overcome.

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