It all began with a promise to my father, and then later in life with a question: “How can we change the structure of an abnormal gene, or a virus anywhere in the body, without the use of toxic chemicals? I followed the thinking of Einstein to find the common ground of all matter- both inanimate and living. He said that all matter is essentially electromagnetic field, composed of elementary electrically charged particles. In essence, reality is a unified field. The difference between life and non-life is in how this sea of tiny structures undulates, controlled by the relationships and communications between and among the particles. I thought, “If all living systems are basically electromagnetic in nature, then regulation of the electromagnetic environment is the logical way to control how the atoms that comprise us communicate, and cooperate to produce life.”

In 1979, I finally discovered an equation that could relate any particle, e.g. a gene, virus, neurotransmitter, hormone or antibody, to the electromagnetic environment of the body. And, I made the first series of calculations in 1979.

What Did I Find?

The calculations revealed that the natural electromagnetic fields (EMF’s) of the body are in the PicoTesla range. The magnetic profile of human tissue is so weak that it is totally indiscernible with even small bar magnets. That is why human flesh was not thought of as magnetic. One PicoTesla is about 50 million times weaker than the natural steady magnetic field of the Earth. Each one of us is a universe of unbelievably weak EMF forces. Atoms and molecules are very small, and they respond naturally only to these very weak forces. Indeed, the molecules of our body require resonant discrete energies to perform their functions. Forces that are too strong interfere with and impair molecular structures and functionality. Permanent magnets that are said to reduce pain and improve circulation are not natural to the body, and interfere with normal function. These magnets generally are hundreds to thousands of times stronger than the Earth’s magnetic field. Additionally, electrical currents that are too strong are not at all controllable, and also interfere with natural processes. Additionally, electrical currents are significantly impeded by cell membranes above the physiologic frequency threshold, while magnetic forces are not.

In the beginning, scientists said, “How can such weak EMF’s do anything?” However in due course, the literature spoke for me.

The Essential Proof

The classical work of David Cohen from MIT was published in Science, one of the most prestigious journals in the world; but the data was initially misinterpreted, and generally, not even known by most biologists and medical practitioners. Cohen measured the brain’s natural magnetic profile, and it was in the PicoTesla range. Later, other scientists used atomic magnetometers to confirm Cohen’s measurements of the brain and the heart. A new science was born called Magnetobiology. Yet, the consensus was that these EMF’s were a kind of subtle noise secondary to stronger interactions, and they were used for diagnosis, not realizing that these weak EMF’s are physiologic. They didn’t realize that PicoTesla fields represent the normal forces of communications between and among atoms and molecules.

It was not until 1989 that a paper was published by the International Journal of Neuroscience to confirm ten years of my published theories. Greek scientists had used PicoTesla electromagnetic fields (PTEMF’s) to successfully treat epilepsy. News of my publications with the Italian Medical Association had finally reached European scientists. Controversy arose because American scientists still couldn’t get their hand around the fact that natural PTEMF’s could exert a positive biological effect, or for that matter, any effect at all.

Then, in 1996 I received the funding to build the first generation of my own technology. The first Jacobson Resonator was built at the John C Stennis Space Center in Mississippi by NASA engineers. Upon delivery of the first “Magnesphere” two NASA co-workers and I entered the EMF environment at the same time. One individual had lower back pain, the other a toothache, and I had a headache. All three of us were astonished, because all pain/discomfort disappeared almost instantly. We knew then that a new therapeutic paradigm had been born.

The Research and Development

Today, there are numerous scientific publications/patents supporting the development of this paradigm shift. Research data in the areas of cardiovascular disease from the University of Oklahoma, nerve regeneration from Cornell University, and wound healing studies from Mississippi State University have all been positive, just to cite a few examples. Double blind, randomized and placebo-controlled clinical studies have revealed benefits in Parkinson’s’ disease, osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia, once again to cite a few examples of positive human studies.

For the past 19 years I have personally conducted diverse clinical research in America, Canada, Sweden, Spain, India, Mexico and the Bahamas. I have witnessed miraculous results from MRT.

All paradigm shifts i.e. cutting edge scientific breakthroughs, take time to develop and become acceptable to conventional thinking by the collective. For example, Louis Pasteur suffered through many years of incredulity by his peers before they could understand what is obvious to us today: a surgeon must wash his hands thoroughly before surgery to avoid microbial contamination of the surgical site. Eight out ten women giving birth at that time died because surgeons didn’t wash their hands.

Thus far in America, we can say that MRT “Enhances feelings of relaxation, modulating autonomic nervous system tonicity.” MRT reduces the stresses and strains of life, with a decrease in pain as a consequence…naturally, safely, non-invasively, and painlessly. As time inexorably flows on, it is my personal belief that with ongoing research, this holistic natural and safe modality will be accepted for what it truly is- the most effective and safest way to ameliorate human suffering.

How Does It Work?

To begin with, let’s draw an analogy. Just as objects are said to be conductors or insulators for electricity, we know that the best insulative materials are really just very poor conductors. It is a matter of nomenclature and degree to which a material permits free electron to pass through it. Now, we know that certain crystals clearly manifest the piezoelectric effect; that is, they convert EM oscillations to mechanical vibrations and vice versa. While certain crystals are perfect examples of the piezoelectric effect, all matter is nevertheless piezoelectric to some extent. Once again, it is a matter of degree determining nomenclature.

Many biological tissues are known to have piezoelectric properties, such as protein, collagen, keratin, bone, and even genes. Piezoelectricity is a phenomenon based in photon-phonon transductions. The photon, such as light quanta (packets of energy) carries the EM force. A phonon is a quantized vibration of the atomic crystal lattice structure of a material body. The piezoelectric effect applies to MRT, because when the magnetic force carriers (the photons) imbue the right amount of energy to a particle, the particle vibrates through a resonant, coherent, amplification. Therefore, in knowing what energies affect any target mass, e.g. molecules, we can restore their structural integrity and functionality. The foregoing formulates a summary basis for MRT. For more detailed information, you may access the website;

The Ultimate Future Healing Perspective

Picture iron filings sprinkled on a piece of paper that is resting on top of a bar magnet. Tapping the paper gently, you will note that the iron filings will then orient their positions in accordance to the lines of force created by the magnet. When all are in position, with the exception of one or two, tapping the paper again with just the right force causes the filings out of place to snap into place. They are assisted in doing so by those iron filing already in the right positions. The same is true of abnormal molecules noting that most of their structural components are in the right positions, but some are not. A resonant energy (EMF) may mechanically vibrate the abnormal molecule to reinstitute its normally structured components, enabled by the natural homeostatic mechanisms of the body.

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