Vagus Nerve and Inflamamtion

Do You Have Vagal Tone?

A recent article posted on The Hearty Soul, explores the extensive research performed by New York Neurosurgeon Dr. Keven Tracey. His findings highlight the life-changing benefits of developing and maintain vagal tone.

What Is The Vagus Nerve?

The vagus nerve is a “wandering” nerve, that spans from the brain, to the abdomen—intersecting with almost every major organ in the body. You know the saying “my nerves are fried”? This is the nervous system that is directly related to stress—or from a medical standpoint, our internal “fight and flight” response—and our “rest and digest” system. The nerve moves with your body, and cannot be “touched” from the outside. More importantly, the nerve is directly connected to the parasympathetic nervous system.
Astounding Findings

Dr. Tracey’s research shows that regularly stimulating the vagus nerve, and developing and maintaining vagal tone, was directly linked to a host of chronic degenerative conditions. This includes reduction of the stress hormone cortisol, reduced inflammation, reduced risk for cardiovascular disease, and decreased blood glucose levels.
His research generated overwhelming success. The Hearty Soul article highlights a 68-year-old woman whose Rheumatoid arthritis was so severe that she was unable to walk, and was prescribed high doses of pain killers and immune suppressants. Within weeks of developing her vagal tone, she was not only able to walk—but could ride her bike, ice skate, teach volleyball, and play with her beloved grandchildren. Her prescriptions we eliminated, or drastically reduced.  Patient after patient, the results were similar.

Magnesphere And The Vagus Nerve

Reading Dr. Tracey’s findings was quite exciting for the Magneceutical Health team! It is nice to see more research and medical professionals confirming what we have known for years—that vagus stimulation works.  Our physiologically precise low-level magnetic fields provided by the Magnesphere properly stimulate the Vagus Nerve, in an entirely non-invasive manner. While there are other methods of developing vagal tone, many are invasive or simply challenging for those with chronic pain and limited mobility. With our magnetic resonance therapy, all you have to do is sit in the chair and relax—the Magnesphere does the rest!


If you could see magnetic fields it would look like this.


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