Magnetic Resonance Therapy

We have established that all ordinary matter in the universe is essentially condensed electromagnetic field.  Einstein taught us this fact.  Our bodies and the bodies of all living things are comprised of atoms and subatomic particles which are themselves tiny spinning magnets.  Every part of us has an electromagnetic profile, a magnetic field of a particular magnitude and frequency.  The frequency oscillation of all living systems is geared toward providing balance to every part of a living system.  The frequency as well as the magnitude of magnetic profiles of tissues, including plants, are attuned the resonance for the frequencies of life, to the magnitude of life.  We know that molecules oscillate, they vibrate in space and time according to certain windows of opportunity.  Disease changes the oscillation frequencies of molecules as well as all particles, smaller and more critical to the essentia and fabric of living systems.

Particles comprising the essentia of living systems not only spin and vibrate in a number of different patterns, but just as the Earth, they bob up and down, they weave, they nutate. As the Earth moves through its orbit around the sun, it nutates, nothing, absolutely nothing, is absolute. Everything is relative with respect to everything else, but in this relativity we find absolute order, design, and perfection created by God. What other creative force could account for the perfection of the universe. Newton told us this. Just as Galileo advised before him. When we consider restoring normal or homeostatic magnetic profiles to tissues that are diseased or injured, we must take into account, the environmental magnetic profile because there is an incessant interaction between every living system and the rest of the universe.

Gravity is part of the picture of reality.  Some speak of gravity as the curvature of space/time, but only something real can curve, only something real can provide curvature, or change the path of any object, including photons from stars.  Renormalization of parts of our bodies, parts of all living systems are based in the unification of gravity and electromagnetism; gravity being that essential invisible, untouchable, elemental part of what we call emptiness. Renée Descartes taught us first, that there is no such thing as absolutely empty space, there is no such thing as a vacuum.  All space is filled with electromagnetic field and gravitational field.  Both gravity and electromagnetism fill space, as well as provide the organization and communications between the parts of all living systems.

Those other dimensions, those other states of reality, that Kalusa-Klein theory and  Super String theory refer to are quite real.  They must be real because of the existence of virtual particles, particles that pop into existence from nowhere, and shortly thereafter disappear into nothingness.  Just as the electromagnetic spectrum is visible to the human eye or to animals’ eyes in accordance with certain frequency ranges that can impact our nervous systems and be communicated.  There are other ranges that are invisible to us, indeed invisible to the naked eye.  And as such there are substances that are untouchable, invisible, unheard, and to some degree, unknown, throughout the universe and beyond.  These other dimensions are real, they are not imaginary, they are not the stuff of what dreams are composed, they are real.   When life ends from a physical point of view, the consciousness, which is connected to other dimensions must move into other realms and experience other environments, and other dreams and hopes in order to maintain the absolute order of perfection that God dictated from the beginning.

We have been given the equation Mc2=BvLq as a generic expression in order to unify gravity and electromagnetism.  BvLq referring to electromagnetic interaction energy and Mc2 referring to intrinsic or rest energy of a particle contained by a conductive body of length, L.  This conductive body moves with inertial velocities, cosmic velocities; such as the Earth rotational, the Earth orbital, the solar system, as well as the local star cluster system. These are incessant motions; these are the constant velocity motions that Newton talked about. Such as the case that Mc2 = BvLq refers us to the interaction of any living system, indeed any system whatsoever to the electromagnetic environment such that of photon/phonon transduction occur. The translation of photonic energies, that is light energies, electromagnetic energies, into a gravity wave, moving into other dimensions of sight and sound will come back to the phonon field, or ordinary matter to provide oscillations and various motions of the essential molecules and atoms that comprise living systems and all things.

This refers to piezoelectricity or electromechanical transductions wherein all mechanical vibrations are converted to electromagnetic oscillations and vice versa everywhere in the universe by every substance in the universe to varying degrees. Indeed, what we call the glimpse of the origin of the universe as radiation coming from all parts of the universe (microwaves, background radiation) is essentially our realm of matter in motion communicating with other realms of matter and motion coordinated by God to produce perfect design, harmony, balance and beauty that we can sometimes see.

The future of man’s quest to control his environment, to control his life, to impact all lives on Earth, is dependent upon our ability to regulate the electromagnetic environment containing objects such that there is an interaction between ordinary matter and these other realms of reality that communicate in ways that are virtual but quite real. We have found that PicoTesla range magnetic fields can renormalize diseased or injured tissue. We have found that these PicoTesla magnetic fields have a profound effect on our nervous systems, even more particularly the autonomic nervous system that regulates function on an unconscious level as well as a conscious level.  Such is the case that externally sourced PicoTesla magnetic fields as used by the Magnesphere can restore feelings of relaxation to the cardio sphere to the autonomic nervous system to the endocrine system, and even more.

The future is in the hands of open minded, eager, young scientists who can take the discovery of Jacobson Resonance and continue the  exploration into realms that were once dreamed of, such as medical therapeutics, thermonuclear fusion power, space travel, and even more.  Look to the future with an open mind, because a closed mind leads nowhere.  The future depends upon the honesty and integrity of the individual to look, to seek, to work, and to find the answers for the future.

by Dr. Jerry Jacobson


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