With the advent of Internet of Things (iOT) in healthcare,  we’re excited to be part of the “ecosystem” of digital health and wellness modalities being brought to the home.  We just completed our first appearance at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), where we were able to introduce our one-of-a-kind magnetic resonance therapy via the Magnesphere.  We attracted a lot of attention and made some excellent contacts, which we hope to develop into new opportunities down the road.

During the show our CEO Allen Braswell was interviewed by Digital Health and Fitness. You can see the full interview below.


2 comments on “Joining the Ecosystem of Digital Health and Wellness
  1. Deborah Smalbach on

    Very cool! I’d like to see some research on possible help with seizures. As a teacher of special needs children everything you described I’ve heard in seminars regarding child seizures. Just a thought! Health is like gold!

    • Steve Frischman on

      Hi Deborah,

      Although we do a really good job on various childhood indications, we don’t actually have specific research on seizures.


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