Stress and the Nervous System

In this modern day our “fight or flight” response is on overdrive for most people. It can lead to many symptoms such as pain, digestive problems, anxiety, and many other symptoms. One of the best ways to reduce these symptoms is to get control of our sympathetic nervous system .

Dr. Shateel Ajmani just wrote a great article on the Mind Body Green website which offers some great tips on how to get your nervous system back in balance. Her 3 tips were:

  1. Practice Awareness
  2. Breathe Deeply and Count to Four
  3. Assess the Situation With a Clearer Mind

While I agree that mindfulness and breathing exercises are an effective way to help control our autonomic nervous system, I know that it takes time to gain the expertise needed to have that level of discipline and control, and some people struggle to master these skills. Thankfully we know of a 4th option, which is even more effective, and it requires no learning curve: Whole-body Magnetic Resonance Therapy provided by the Magnesphere.

Magnetic Fields of the Magnesphere

By measuring Heart Rate Variability (HRV) we have shown objectively that the Magnesphere is able to bring balance to the Autonomic Nervous System in as little as one hour of blissful relaxation. Here is a chart showing the HRV progress of one of our customers while they sat in the Magnesphere:

During the one hour session the heart rate variability increased (which is a good thing) and the sympathetic and parasympathetic signals moved closer to being aligned.

My recommendation is to go ahead and start learning to master mindfulness and breathing exercises, but in the meantime – start enjoying immediate benefits of a balanced autonomic nervous system right now and book a free session in the Magnesphere at a location near you.

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