Dr. Benjamin J. Scherlag, PhD recently shared his opinion of the breakthrough results which have been achieved with the Magnesphere at the University of Oklahoma Heart Rhythm Institute.

Magneceutical Health has been cooperating with the university for the past several years so they could conduct multiple studies of the benefits which the Magnesphere could provide for patients with Atrial Fibrillation (AF). One of the studies showed a significant reduction of AF duration.

Although some of the initial tests were completed using a specially-designed “mini-Magnesphere” the effects would be exactly the same as the full-size Magnesphere unit. In fact they are continuing more tests using a full-size HALO unit.

The research team at the Heart Rhythm Institute have been very pleased with the results. Dr. Scherlag even said “after almost 20 years of pre-clinical and clinical research studies, it is in my final opinion that the team at Magneceutical Health are on the cusp of demonstrating non-pharmacological, non-invasive treatment options for many other clinical conditions.

You can read the full letter from Dr. Scherlag below:

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