How did we view the human body in the past? When Leonardo da Vinci first examined the cadavers exhumed from their graves, he saw various tissues and gross organs. He learned about the skeleton and how the muscles, ligaments and tendons worked to facilitate movement in all the possible positions. He also saw the internal organs, the heart, brain, lungs, intestines and so on that engendered wonder about the functions of these observable parts. With the later advent of the microscope, Anton Leeuwenhauk saw the smaller components- the cells that comprise the organs and tissues. Then, Louis Pasteur called attention to microorganisms smaller even than cells that could produce disease. French surgeons in the 19th century believed the chemist’s theory of disease was preposterous. Pasteur accused them of killing 70% of their patients in childbirth because they didn’t wash their hands before delivery of the babies. Today, electron microscopes have shown us the components of cells- molecules and even atoms, the constituents of molecules. As in the 19th century, conventional practitioners of medicine are not looking for the next layer of the story of life. They don’t think in terms of atomic and electromagnetic explanations for health and disease. They are still somewhat fixated upon the molecular level, biochemistry.

The future of medicine must look to the next layer of comprehension, because we now know that the human body is a cooperative collection of trillions of atoms, and inter-atomic communications regulate the biochemical events that shape human function. Einstein taught us that all matter is condensed electromagnetic field. This idea made me recall the philosophy of Gottfried Leibniz, who said that all reality is universally composed of “monads”, the ultimately smallest pieces of matter; such that underpinning everything (including us) is a unified field. The variations we see, including living systems, are all made up of different combinations of monads moving through space and time in certain ways, and this determines what structures the monads create.

Therefore, we may now think of cells, molecules, atoms, protons and electrons, and then photons (the quantum of energy that is light) as an ever increasing view of the fundamental perspective for the nature of reality; and our bodies and minds.

Now, if everything is electromagnetic field, then externally sourced renormalizing natural electromagnetic fields naturally must be able to reorder the unhealthy patterns of our bodies back to health.

Remember, the order and communication between atoms are regulated by the ultimate force carriers-photons. The electromagnetic profiles of human tissue and organs have been measured with atomic magnetometers, and they are in the picoTesla range, subtle energies that represent quantum gravity for the propitiators of everything- the monads. Magnetic Resonance Therapy (MRT) electromagnetically modulates interatomic communications, quantum transpositional states and antibody diversity, to kill pathogenic microorganisms, restructure malstructured genes and associated structures; to renormalize functionality on a global basis. Non-invasive, safe, painless and natural, MRT enhances feelings of relaxation, permitting relief of stress, anxiety and strain that are no doubt aging and disease promoters. The future of medicine is here now, it’s MRT.

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