You are the product of a perfecting evolutionary process through eons of time. Yet, everything that happened to your ancestors has been passed on to you through a fundamental law of nature; piezoelectricity. Einstein taught that all matter is made of condensations of elementary electrically charged particles. These particles are the constituents of atoms, and we are made of trillions of atoms. All these basic particles communicate through electromagnetic (EM) waves. Thus, the piezoelectric effect says that EM oscillations can be converted to mechanical vibrations, and conversely, all mechanical vibrations can be converted to EM oscillations. In effect, this means that everything that happened to our ancestors is imprinted in our genes, electrically and mechanically, functionally and structurally. Therefore, our biochemical and physiological functions are based in the essential atomistic communications and cooperativity networks. Indeed, your genes represent the inherited treasures given to you in preparation for your first breath of life. From then on, our functional lives also rely on environmental factors, and our life choices made through time.

While we can’t always control our environment, we can exercise control over our choices; keeping in mind the seventeenth century philosopher Baruch Spinoza’s discovery of mind/body dualism. The mind and body are in constant communication/cooperation, and the highest faculty we have is reason. EM profiles of all tissues/organs are a direct reflection of the chemical events that mirror the mind/body partnership. For example, when the mind and body are resting during sleep, the brain’s wave frequency is lowest. With restful awakening, frequencies normally increase; but during periods of stress, brain wave frequencies can double the normal. When our sympathetic nervous systems are activated, greater levels of the stress hormone, (cortisol) are produced. The primary function of cortisol is gluconeogenesis, the production of more sugar for compensatory quick energy necessary to maintain homeostasis.

To decrease the amount of quick energy needed to accommodate for stressful events, the increase of parasympathetic tone is required. To best handle fear filled events, a calmer, more controlled nervous system is required, i.e. calm in the face of danger enables accommodation and is the rational choice. Indeed, “mind over matter” is not simply an imaginative metaphor; it has real consequences for our chemical and EM dispositions. This means that every time your mood changes, or you conceive an idea that affects your physiology, the biochemical pathways are affected, as are your EM tissue profiles. There must be accommodation to adjust for homeostasis or balanced function, whenever anything happens, including emotional insults, physical danger, air temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, environmental EM fields, gravitational fluctuations, food and substance ingestion, microbial exposure…etc.

Everything has an affect. For example, multiple sclerosis sufferers experience seasonal exacerbations of their disease, and arthritis sufferers know their disease flares in cold weather or when it’s about to rain. Our bodies and minds are our barometers for change of any kind, and awareness of our sensitivities should be reflected by our life choices. Furthermore, while predispositions for disease are encoded by our genes, it becomes even more important to make appropriate reasoned life choices.

Metabolic Syndrome (Syndrome X)

In order to appreciate the relationship between life choices, body chemistry and the atomistic structures that define our physical nature, we will consider the Metabolic Syndrome, also known as Syndrome X. It is characterized by abdominal fat causing at least two of the following conditions: insulin resistance, dyslipidemia and hypertension. Causes, complications, diagnosis and treatment are similar to obesity. The Metabolic Syndrome is extremely common, affecting almost half of the United States population over 50. The amount of fat as well as the distribution of fat are important concerns, and the syndrome develops when fat is distributed around the abdomen; and less common in people who have a low waist to hip ratio. Excess abdominal fat leads to excesses of free fatty acids in the portal vein, thus increasing fat accumulation in the liver and muscles. As a result, we see liver and muscle insulin resistance. Hypertension results, as does diabetes mellitus and coronary artery disease. Uric acid levels increase and the potential for heart attack and stroke increases. Indeed, patients with a higher than normal basal metabolic index or waist circumference need to be screened for Syndrome X.

Measurements should include blood pressure, fasting plasma glucose, and blood lipid levels. We can see from this example how the sensitivity of the balance of systems is a crucial factor for your health.

Now, we must eat to live, and eating is pleasurable. It is also a distraction from the stress of life. Therefore, eating often becomes an emotionally conditioned response to deal with stress, strain, tension and anxiety.

Then, every time a person is stressed, food becomes the object of concern as a coping mechanism. That is a quite natural response because the stimulation of the sympathetic nervous system acts to provide more cortisol, whose primary function is to provide more sugar for quick energy- to deal with a fight-or-flight issue.

When this emotional conditioning becomes instinctively habituated, there are physical changes in the appetite center of the brain; and the person becomes addicted to eating, quite analogous to alcohol and drug addiction. The body needs the food “Now” to cope and to maintain the balance it has become used to.

The lesson then becomes more lucid: control dictates balance and equilibrium, and ultimately control is derived from reason, the highest faculty we possess as human beings. Remember, everything that happens intrinsically and extrinsically, affects all structures in our bodies. The brain and the body work together in partnership for life. Yet, when the structures of our physical bodies exercise priority over the mind, the soul of life is neglected. Our sensitivity to the vicissitudes of life is critical to making appropriate life choices.

When control is ostensibly lost, there is a means to reestablish that vital harmony of mind, body and spirit. Magnetic Resonance Therapy, MRT, restores the normal magnetic tissue profiles, naturally adjusting interatomic and intermolecular communications and cooperativity. From the most essential levels of structure and function, MRT renormalizes the state of balance and equilibrium. Naturally, safely, non- invasively painlessly and effectively, MRT adjusts the tone and electrical potentials of your nervous system, permitting a calmer more restful state of the mind and body. This enables a more efficient response to negative stimuli. Simply stated, you can adjust to stressors easier, faster, and with decreased spontaneous requirements for more energy when under stress. It has been demonstrated that MRT using naturally occurring magnetic energies, can electromagnetically modulate the tonicity of the autonomic nervous system. The point is to make use of MRT as one of your rational life choices. The drama of life can be ameliorated by using MRT, because it enables greater efficiency for coping with stress.

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