We love to hear the life-changing ways in which the Magnesphere positively impacts people’s lives. Many of our clients are alternative healthcare practitioners who offer magnetic resonance therapy as a complement to their primary services—and they love to share their success stories. This next story comes from Dr. Anissa of Family Spinal Adjusting in Nappanee, IN.

Tears Of Joy For No More Pain

In this short but moving video we hear how after just one session, Caitlen is moved to tears because she can’t recall the last time she was pain-free. Caitlen had surgery on both knees, experiences constant wrist pain, and soreness and low-mobility in her shoulder. After her magnetic resonance therapy, she finally felt “normal” for the first time in a long time.



Caitlain’s story is like so many who live with chronic pain, and simply don’t know how to achieve relief. While magnetic resonance therapy may not be on everyone’s radar, as you can see it is a potentially life-changing therapy.

Why The Magnesphere Works

At first glance, it might be easy to discount the Magnesphere as little more than a futuristic looking chair. But it is so much more! All you have to do is recline in a comfortable position, while the 100% uninvasive machine provides a low-level magnetic field that balances your body. But what exactly does that mean? The therapy is able to target your hard to reach Vagus nerve, and positively stimulate your nervous system. The results include increased energy, improved sleep, increased range of motion, decrease and pain and inflammation—and more!

Results not Typical. This testimonial is based on the experience of one person and you may not have similar results. The average person will experience an enhanced feeling of relaxation.
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