Dr. Siegler at Magnecon


Dr. Marlene Siegel of Pasco Veterinary Medical Center was our first veterinarian to put a Magnesphere in her practice.  She saw the potential and read the research and knew she could help her patients better with a Magnesphere.   What she has been able to do to help the animals that she treats is nothing short of amazing – some would even say miraculous!   Her presentation at Magnecon 2017 was definitely one of the highlights!


2 comments on “Dr. Siegel is Working Wonders with Animals and the Magnesphere
  1. Krista Randall on

    I am so interested in doing this with my dog. I have a 12 year old Brussel Griffon who has SARDS. He went instantly blind after he had his Heartguard Heartworm preventative two years ago. Would this therapy possibly help him?

  2. susan lovit on

    Where are you located….my dog has had Type 1 diabetes for 5.5 months and sent blind 2 months ago with cataracts…..I have had him on Can-C drops and supplements for the two months. His diabetes has been under control with insulin and supplements, since the first 5 weeks………..can your machine help him?


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