Jerry Jacobson answers questions at Magnecon 2017


Dr. Jerry Jacobson shared his wisdom once again at MagneCon 2017.  He started with some background information about how the Magnetic Resonance Therapy provided by the Magnesphere and HALO can have a positive effect on human physiology.  Then he answered specific questions from practitioners in the room.  If you would like to be a “fly on the wall” and learn some very detailed thoughts from Dr. Jacobson this video is for you!


One comment on “Q and A with Dr. Jacobson at MagneCon 2017
  1. Dan Scannell on

    Hi Dr Jacobson. K have had Chronic fatigue syndrome for 38 Years and from research it seems to be a limbic system trauma loop. I have been using some neuroplastic rewiring techniques for limbic system retraining seems to be helping a little it just can take 6 months to a year to fully work. I stumbled upon your magnesphere with a woman names Bobbie from Tappan N.Y. I haven’t seen any people with CFS who have used the magnesphere but I thought that it could speed up results since it seems to balance the limbic system and put one in a more parasympathetic state. Have u had success with CFS? I am sure that she is conferring with u . I am having my 8th session this Saturday. Just wanted to make sure that I am on track. I think I feel a small subtle change I just don’t know how many sessions It should take if u r on the correct protocol.


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