Keep Calm

Ashly Abramson wrote an excellent blog post titled “If There Was Ever a Time to Activate Your Vagus Nerve, It Is Now” on She pointed out that in times of high-stress (like during an ongoing pandemic) our bodies activate the Sympathetic, or “fight-or-flight” response. Our bodies are not meant to stay in this state for long periods of time, but modern life tends to continually activate our sympathetic nervous system. This can lead to a host of negative physical effects on our bodies.

Vagus Nerve

Ashly recommends a few natural methods to activate the Vagus nerve and trigger our parasympathetic nervous system, including deep breathing and relaxation. We know that in addition to these and other homeopathic techniques the Magnesphere is an excellent therapy that is tuned in directly to our Vagus nerve. It has been proven to restore balance to the autonomic nervous system. Magneceutical Health is currently offering a home trial of the portable home unit of the Magnesphere called the HALO so people can exeperience the benefits in the safety and comfort of their own home. To learn more about it click the button below.

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