An excellent article in the March 6, 2020 issue of Newsweek confirmed that stress has an enormous impact on physical health and well-being. Dr. Burke Harris had been treating many young patients for ailments ranging from ADHD (an alarmingly high number) to rare auto-immune diseases. When she dug a little deeper she saw that almost all of her patients had a higher than normal degree of stress in their home. She said ” What I was seeing was incredibly, incredibly high rates of kids who were experiencing adversity and then having really significant health outcomes.” As Dr. Harris did more research she came to conclude that “Childhood stress can be as toxic and detrimental to the development of the brain and body as eating lead paint chips off the wall…

Another study of 17,000 adults found that more than half of the subjects had very traumatic and stressful experience in their past. Those with a stressful past were far more likely to have serious health conditions in adulthood. The research further revealed that either abnormally low or high levels of cortisol had an adverse effect on physical health.

The key takeaway was in order to maximize health and well-being it is important to try to regulate our stress and cortisol levels to maintain a healthy balance. The Magnesphere is an excellent tool to aid in achieving balance of the Autonomic Nervous System, which signals the other core mechanisms of the body (like cortisol levels) to also achieve balance or “homeostasis”.

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